Where is your God???

Questions are very common… Every one ask questions…. If we do not ask question how are we supposed to grow ?  So Yes we have to ask questions.

There are many questions surrounding us throughout our life.For a scientist, he has questions regarding the laws of universe, the evolution, the beginning of life.For an engineer he has questions regarding the complexities of machines. For an investigator he has questions regarding the criminals.For a normal person like us we have questions regarding the very existence of our life, our goals,our life’s sole purpose.

But there is a question common to all.We all have that one question irrespective of our caste, creed, color, profession. That question is as complex as a quantum physics but it is also as simple as learning ABC.

We all ask this question or at least it comes to our mind once in a lifetime. Some ask it out of their curiosity. Others ask it to disapprove the very existence of the almighty.

When does this question originate in our mind?

When we have everything and our life is going as well planned, we don,t think much about god or his existence. Because we are independent and we are proud of our achievements. but there comes a situation in our life when everything gets out of our control like we lose our health, our wealth, our loved ones, our status, future. we try our level best to control everything, but things become more worse. finally we lose our hope to become better.we become a total failure. Then amidst the situation the question arises


Have you ever asked this question. YES, we have, at least once in our life.

I would like to draw your attention towards ” the living word of GOD where you can find answers to anything/everything” – THE BIBLE.

Let’s meet a person in the bible who has been asked this question twice in his life. They are known as the “sons of Korah” in the bible. they were very dedicated to the sole purpose for which they were chosen by God to worship him.

Psalms 42:3b

“Where is your God?”

This question was asked to them by others/society. As we lead a social life, we are in observation of other people. They watch our success and our failures as well. People have a common tendency to criticize our failures rather than applauding our achievements. In the same way here also a group of people criticized and asked the same question to the sons of korah, “Where is your God?”. We can assume that they may have gone through some kind of difficult situation which they were not able to control or overcome. The question was so annoying and they agonized by hearing it. they were in deep melancholy.

Sometimes we may also face such kind of situation when we have failures, difficulties, disappointments, depression. During those times when we hear other people’s question relating to our faith, our mind gets burdened in our heart we start to grieve.

Sometimes Satan puts such question in our life as a stumbling block to distract and curtail our faith. Because he has a clear motive to create doubt and pull us away from the creator. He used the exact technique in the garden of Eden that caused fall of man who enjoyed the very fellowship of God in his everyday life. So when the question comes in our life we have to discern whether the question is from Satan or others.

As we continuously hear this question from Satan and others, it can deeply affect our heart, make us perplexed and we start to ask “where is my god?” 

Then the situation becomes more worse and we question our very own faith.We can stand firm and can answer when others question us but when the question comes from within our own mind then there is a possibility that we drift away from God. It can enfeeble our hands and weaken our knees.

So how can we overcome this state of mind or circumstance?

  • By faith
  • Reading your Bible
  • Reinstate your promises
  • By kneeling in the presence of God.
  • By keeping our eyes on God rather than on the situation.
  •  By proclaiming your hope.

When you hear this question from others. We can answer according to psalms 115:2-3

” Our God is in heaven. He does whatever pleases him.”

Maybe for a short time in the midst of difficulties we cannot see or feel God. In a cloudy day for a short span of time we cannot see Sun, it doesn’t mean that the sun is not there.As the wind blows, the cloud moves, the sun is still there. In a similar way sometimes a cloud of difficulties en covers us. But don’t loose your hope. May be you cannot see him or feel him but he is still in control. Not a single hair of your head will be lost or fall without his permission.He has great plans for you and his purpose and ways for your life will always be fulfilled no matter what may come.

“Where is your God?”

Our God is always with us.(Immanuel)

to be continued


Published by Binubaby

i am a simple person, like to give the hope which i received through the word of God. hope makes things better. trusting God and moving forward.

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